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Anonymous asked: Hey I just finish redo "Jolyne fly high with Gucci" and already uploaded it on Batoto. Since I do not have a website, would you make an annoucement so that people know. Thanks.

Sure thing!

You heard it folks! If you didn’t read it when it was on Gucci’s facebook, now it’s on Batoto!

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Anonymous asked: Are you guys going to hook up with the rapidly fizzling "let's redraw thousands of color pages it'll be totally easy" Part 1-7 color-manga rescanlation group at some point?

I think you just answered your own question there.

But if that’s not clear enough: Hell fucking no.

Not only do I prefer the original (although having the color around is nice), but you couldn’t pay me enough to do the redraws for certain arcs again, let alone in color. Redrawing in color is about 50x harder. I’m having Catch the Rainbow flashbacks at just the thought.

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kaminosai asked: In regards to the licensing manga thing; I have an in at Crunchyroll and his answer was "I am able to give you a NO for the moment, we just have the anime. Right now, we only host Kodansha titles for manga.."

Thank you for the information! (Also fuck yeah, Friend. Is that how you obtained this information? A vast quasi-religious political conspiracy network? Sign me the fuck up, I love 20CB.)

If this really is accurate, then the licensing of the TV series will have no effect on the project.

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charjazznable replied to your post “According to the announcement posted on ANN, Crunchyroll has licensed both the manga and anime. If this is true, will you still continue working on Part 5 scans?”

considering that crunchyroll has no connections whatsoever with shueisha (viz has all of that and cr specifically asks people not to ask for shueisha titles) I really doubt they have the manga

if that is the case then I will more than likely keep working on part 5, yes. (That “more than likely” is in case of something like turning over my raws to another group in the case of me having to abandon the project for reasons unrelated, or if Viz really does get Part 5.)

Possibly surprisingly, I’m really quite happy about the anime getting licensed. I know a lot of people don’t like Crunchyroll, and to be honest I don’t always like them too much, but since when have I not been a corporate shill for anything official and JoJo and in English? If you didn’t know that, then you haven’t seen me online for long enough.

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Anonymous asked: According to the announcement posted on ANN, Crunchyroll has licensed both the manga and anime. If this is true, will you still continue working on Part 5 scans?

I’m actually deeply conflicted about this.

I have always maintained that I’d stop whatever I’m doing if it were really licensed. That is who I am, and that is the sort of scan ethics I’ve always had. However, we don’t know yet:

  • whether they actually did get the manga as well (ANN mentions it, but Crunchyroll on their forums and facebook does not, which makes me think there might be a miscommunication)
  • what arcs they have licensed if they did
  • how long it’d take to get to part 5

I’m going to have to think long and hard about this, and hope for more information.

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Anonymous asked: Do you think Crunchyroll is being cruel by teasing us about a potential JoJo's license?

I think so, even though I kinda did the same thing.

I believe it’s a hoax. We’ll find out in three and a half hours if I’m right, but I do think it’s a hoax. The new simulcast went up on their lineup page whereas JoJo did not, they won’t answer straight whether it’s real or not…

I think they “announced” a series that they knew they could never get, but underestimated the real passion of its fanbase, and if I were them I’d actually be a little worried about the backlash from a few particularly dedicated fans, which might be why they haven’t said anything yet. It’s like poking at a tree knot and realizing that you just fucking poked a wasp nest. 

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Anonymous asked: lol i actually believed that joke about Viz picking up part 5, because its a really stupid move, and Viz is all about those really stupid moves

I’d give them a bit more credit than that.

What I’m surprised is that nobody went and looked anywhere on their facebook or twitter or anything to see they said nothing about it, when (with how many JoJo fans work there) that would be the sort of thing they’d normally plaster all over every social media ever.

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Anonymous asked: would you guys at least finish volume 50?

april fool’s motherfuckers. 

sorry bout that.

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JoJo Project has ended.

I’m a little sad to say that as of today, JoJo Project has closed. We will no longer be working on Vento Aureo, and will be taking down our prior work tomorrow. 

However, I am positively DELIGHTED to announce that the reason for this is that Vento Aureo has been licensed by Viz!I never thought I’d see the day, and I have never been happier to receive nor to comply with a take-down email.

I hope you all will support them in the future!!

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Anonymous asked: i was looking at the color raws of this and noticed that waanabee was in english. when you run into english words on their own do you clean them out and replace them or just leave them.

I erase the furigana (we are reading in English, so there is no reason to leave in instructions for how to pronounce its Japanese phonetic closest equivalent) and then, if that messes up its position in the bubble to a noticeable extent, slightly move where it is.

If it’s already in English, tweaking for location and removal of phonetic guides is the most I’m going to do because it’s already in English.

(Incidentally, if you’re curious why that word is there in that part of JoJo… go look up “spice girls wannabe” and enjoy the free time travel back to 1997.)

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